How to become a member?

You become a Tonus Club member with your first Tonus package order. With this, you have the benefits of a silver rank user, as well as the ability to invite friends to join the club as well referral link .


If you have registered on our site via the link sent to you by a member of the Club, you will automatically receive the status of a silver user and thus become a member.



Tonus Club ranks

Tonus Club consists of three ranks that users can win: silver , gold and platinum. Site users who are not yet members of the club have starting rank, and can move to silver by joining the Club.

Silver rank

By joining the Tonus Club, you get a silver rank. With it, you have access to a referral link that you can forward to your friends so that they can join as well. Upon successful registration through your link, both you and your newly registered friend (now with silver user status) will receive credits that you can use as a form of discount, thereby reducing the price for subsequent orders.


For each friend who successfully registered through your link, you get 25 points , which you can use to get to the next rank.


Gold user

When you collect 100 points (4 successful referrals), you get the status of a gold user. With this status, you get various benefits, one of which is a consultation with a nutritionist.


Platinum user

With 200 points collected (8 successful referrals), you become an honorary platinum user. With this, you get a handful of benefits for your better quality of life. Consultations with a nutritionist, and a personal training program.



How to achieve a higher Tonus Club rank?

By collecting Tonus points you can achieve higher ranks. Gold rank requires 100 points, while platinum requires 200.


Each successful recommendation of a friend (the same one successfully registered through your referral link) brings you 25 points .


Additionally, after each purchase, you earn a number of Tonus points equal to 2% of the total amount orders. For example, for a finished order in the amount of 1400 RSD you get 28 Tonus points .



How to get discounts when shopping?

On the page of your Tonus Club account, when you are logged in, you can see the current balance of Tonus points and Tonus credits .


Tonus credits can be used to get a discount on your desired purchase. When paying, you have the option to reduce the total cost of the purchase by spending Tonus credit.



By clicking on „ CONTINUE” on the last page of order processing, you get the option to choose the amount of Tonus credits that would reduce the current price. In addition to the achieved discount, you can also check the current balance of the loan.



By clicking on the „ APPLY DISCOUNT“ button” page refreshes, and you can see the updated price. You can also cancel the applied discount by clicking the button „REMOVE „.


For each successful referral to a friend, you earn 200 credits , while your friend earns 300 Tonus credits .



How does referring a friend work?

On the page „ Club – My account “ you can see the section „ Recommendation to a friend „ at the bottom” after you become a member of the Club. Here it is shown how many successful registrations there were from your link, as well as the total number of visits to it.



All you need to do is copy the entire referral link, and forward it to your friends via message.



After the friend selects the option „ Create a new account “ in the lower right corner of the application form, he can register on our site using his email and password.

All further data changes can be made from the My Account page .