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Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is ready for all loyal customers who want to try or already regularly use Tonus products. In front of you are all our products, which you can order directly from the website, by phone or via a profile on social networks, and we will send them by express mail to your home address. Enjoy your shopping!
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Tonus bread

Choose one of five types of Tonus bread and buy directly from the website at the best prices on the market!

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Tonus tiles

Integral with flax, sunflower, cumin...

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Tonus bars

Integral Russian, bars with sesame...

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Tonus crackers

Integral with sesame, Russian crackers with cumin...

Did you know?

- Tonus flourless bread does not contain additives

Unlike most breads on our market, Tonus bread does not contain any additives and supplements, and when we add to that the fact that it is made without flour, we get an extremely healthy product that is recommended in the daily diet.

- Tonus bread is made from washed and sprouted grains

Instead of flour, Tonus bread is made from washed and sprouted grains from our own production. The advantage of sprouted grains compared to flour is that they do not contain phytic acid and are a natural choice of minerals, proteins, magnesium and vitamins.

- Tonus bread is suitable for toasting

Tonus bread is tastiest when it is toasted, because then it has a wonderful aroma, a taste that conquers at the first bite, and above all, by toasting, we achieve greater utilization of nutrients.

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