Tonus - Bread without flour, made from whole sprouted grains

How was Tonus bread created?

Tonus bread was created in Russia in 1989. year, when academician Vladimir M. Antonov managed to produce sprouted grains in the form of bread.

Unlike other types of bread that are made from flour, Tonus bread does not contain flour, but is made from sprouted grains that have exceptional nutritional properties and are useful as functional food in all conditions for which a diet containing flour is not recommended.

Although both flour and sprouted grains come from wheat, they have the opposite effect on human health.

Clinical trials

During the long-term existence of Tonus products, numerous domestic and international clinical trials were carried out, which proved all the positive effects and influence of Tonus products on human nutrition. You can find clinical trials by clicking the button below the text.

Tonus family of products

In addition to the well-known Tonus bread, our company has created several other product lines that share the positive properties of Tonus bread.

Why are Tonus products recommended in the daily diet?